Appearance not only expresses attitude and personality, but also influences behavior. The Kingdom Academy dress code expresses a positive, serious attitude that indicates readiness to learn. It teaches principles of appropriate dress and behavior.

Listed below is acceptable and unacceptable attire. Please read carefully. If a child’s clothing does not comply with the dress code, a parent or guardian may be contacted.

Acceptable Attire Includes:

  • Bottoms [Colors: Navy, Khaki or Black]
    • Shirts or blouses can be any solid color as long as they have a collar and MUST be tucked in.
    • Slacks
    • Shorts
    • Capris
    • Skirts / Skorts
    • Jumpers
    • Jeans may be worn but must not have any rips, tears or holes in them.

On Fridays, students are allowed to wear a "School Spirit Shirt" with denim jeans or shorts.

Unacceptable Attire Includes:

  • Baggy, oversized or sagging clothing
  • Any visible piercing other than on the ears
  • Skirts must reach right above the knees
  • Caps, hats, colors, bandanas or anything reflecting gang affiliation
  • Open toed shoes without a back strap

If you have any questions or comments regarding our dress code, please contact us for assistance.