Thank you for trusting Kingdom Academy with your child’s future. While it is an awesome responsibility, we look forward to the challenge.

Because we take your child’s well-being so seriously, several forms must be supplied, signed, and submitted to enroll your child. In the event of an emergency, it is very necessary to have this information on file and at least two (2) contact numbers other than a parent or guardian.

Required Forms

  1. Admission Information:
    This form requires the names of both parents or guardians, (even names of non-custodial parents), hours of care, contact information, names of family or friends your child may be released to, any facts we should know about a child’s special care needs (if none, write "none"), emergency medical information, permission to transport on fieldtrips or to/from area schools, permission to participate in water activities, picture and immunization information on school aged children. This form must be signed in each applicable space.
  2. Physical Exam:
    Form must be updated every year.
  3. Medical History / Liability Release:
    This form is for your child to participate in fitness activities, fieldtrips or transportation in the van or bus, if applicable.
  4. Operational Policies and Procedure Parent Handbook Receipt:
    The receipt is located on the back page of the Parent Handbook.
  5. Permission to take photographs
  6. Allergy and Food Preference Form
  7. Payment Contract and/or Status Form

For a copy of all available forms please click here to visit our Downloads page.

Required Information

  1. Birth Certificate:
    A copy of child's birth certificate is require to enroll for school.
  2. Immunization Records:
    A copy of child's immunization records (unless it is on file with your child's current school).

Required Fees

Kingdom Academy Fees & Aftercare Fees